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Local grower profilesTo support the livelihood of growers, producers and processors of our regional community, UC Davis Dining Services will increase sourcing of locally grown and locally processed foods.

UC Davis Dining Services will make it a top priority to purchase locally grown product based on a three-tier system: primary (50 mile radius from campus); secondary (100 mile radius from campus); and tertiary (250 mile radius from campus).

How do I know if something I am eating on campus is locally or campus grown? Look for the grower profiles displayed next to the food items!

Aggie Grown!

We are proud to feature campus grown products, including:

Check out the UC Davis Student Farm Chef Produce Guide created by students!

Farmers Market Specials

Each week look out for the Farmers Market Special - a dish that contains locally grown and produced ingredients. These items are typically served at the Taste platform in each resident dining room during lunch or dinner.

Featured items:


Next Generation Foods

Dining Services is proud to partner with local vendors to provide high quality, locally grown and sustainably produced food. Beginning in 2007, Dining Services has worked with Next Generation Foods to bring the following items as standard options on campus:

Culinary Support Center

University Dining Services is proud to have a Culinary Support Center (CSC) located at the University of California, Davis campus. The CSC helps us meet our goals of providing fresh, from-scratch foods to the campus.

The CSC processes and produces several items from scratch including the following:

  • soups, sauces, dressings
  • dips and salsa
  • seitan, vegan 'burgers'
  • salads
  • organic roasted tomato sauce
  • ...and so much more!


SandwichDining Locations & Menus
Finding your favorite foods on campus is easy. We offer signature brands and menu selections that include just about any item imaginable.

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TomatoesSustainability Matters
Natural materials, foods, and packaging, proper farming and trade practices, and recycling programs are just a few of our practices.

» Sustainability Info
Cupcake with candlesUpcoming Events & Promos
Take a look and be sure to join us for the fun! Featuring special menus and fun activities with chances to win great prizes too!

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