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Going hand in hand with serving more sustainable food is our goal with to have diners engage critically with their food system so residents can become conscious consumers in the Dining Commons and beyond. We achieve this with peer-to-peer education in the form of tablings, events, and workshops. Education is primarily led by our Sustainability Education team, but is a major component of our other student-led programs, Aggie Grown, Waste Reduction, and Resident Garden.



Education topics are chosen based on a range of factors. We focus on topics that relate to the UC Office of the President Sustainability Policy and its campus goals. Many of our topics come from our student coordinators and interns who want to share about topics they are passionate about.

Goals highlighted in the UC Office of the President Sustainability Policy:

• 20% Sustainable food purchasing by 2020
• Zero Waste by 2020
• 25% water reduction in 2016
• Carbon Neutral by 2025

Our program follows quarterly themes of “Sustainability in Student Housing and Dining” for fall, “Sustainability on Campus” in winter, and “Sustainability Off Campus” in spring to follow the widening range of exploration for first years. Our education interns table at each Dining Commons on sustainability topics that include:

• Decoding Food Certifications
• Sustainable Seafood
• Zero Waste Shopping
• Mindful Eating
• Home Composting
• Eating Plant Forward

We encourage students to inquire into their own values and apply it to making sustainable and nutritious choices for food. We use the Real Food Challenge Wheel which is developed by students as one way to breakdown different values as they relate to food.




Real Food Challenge wheel
(click image to see what they're about!)



Check Dining's facebook for upcoming sustainability events

Some of the past events hosted by our Sustainability Education team:

Zero Waste Shopping workshop (April 2016)

Residents learned about shopping with reusables and shopping in the bulk bin section. They decorated mason jars, reusable totes, and cloth bulk bin bags to use on their own excursions

Mindful Eating Workshop (February 2016)

In the Mindful Eating Workshop, we hosted a food tasting with and walked through the steps for mindful eating. Thank you to Miller Honey farms for the donation of their local almonds and honeys.

Just Eat It film screening (October 2015)

We watched Just Eat It, a documentary that followed an ordinary family as they challenged themselves to only eat recovered food for a year. We set up a big outdoor projector, invited some of our partners to table, and served Student Farm popcorn.



We table in the DCs every week!


Mason Jar, Tote, and Bulk Bin Decorating
Student Farm popcorn at the film screening
Project Compost and CCE tabling at our event



Our education interns complete research project at the end of each quarter, which includes an educational display and a tabling activity. Here are some examples of educational displays some of our past interns have created.


Interns Abby and Emily's Zero Waste Challenge Poster




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