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Linda Adams
Erin Lassig
Meghan Whirley
Kiko Barr
Director of Sustainability and Nutrition
Nutrition & Culinary Services Supervisor
Sustainability Manager
Sustainability Coordinator





Kelly Kong
Nancy Zheng
Abby Lourenco
Ana Maria Guerrero
Graphic Design  Coordinator
Resident Garden Coordinator
Sustainability Education Coordinator
Sustainability Education Coordinator

Laura Ongaro
Stacy Nuryadi
Sarah Benedict
Su-Lin Terhell
Aggie Grown Coordinator
Aggie Grown Coordinator
Waste Reduction Coordinator
Waste Reduction Coordinator




Our office supports over fifty student positions which includes paid part-time coordinators as well as volunteer internships! Internships are unpaid, and students work in exchange for meals, academic credit, and/or transcript notation.

On the sustainability side, students run our Waste Reduction, Graphic Design, Aggie Grown, Sustainability Education, and Resident Garden programs. On the nutrition side, the Healthy Aggies promote healthy eating, learning how to cook, and an active lifestlye. Internships and coordinator positions provide valuable hands-on experience to students in the field of sustainability and nutrition, and give them professional and leadership experience that help them stand out in their field.

We post for our intern openings at the end of every quarter on Aggie Job Link. Please check Aggie Job Link for postings under Dining Services Sustainabiltiy and Nutrition or contact us at to find out how you can be involved.



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Finding your favorite foods on campus is easy. We offer signature brands and menu selections that include just about any item imaginable.

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TomatoesSustainability Matters
Natural materials, foods, and packaging, proper farming and trade practices, and recycling programs are just a few of our practices.

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Take a look and be sure to join us for the fun! Featuring special menus and fun activities with chances to win great prizes too!

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